Day 1 – The Introduction


Well, I really don’t know what this is a start of. But I do know I wanted to share my unexpected single motherhood journey. Not only was I blessed with one child. I was super blessed with two. YAHTZEE! I plan to keep myself and my children anonymous for the sake of….. I guess because I fucking can. Whoa….whoa… sorry about that I had a slight episode. Nonetheless Welcome! Welcome to my diary. 😊
You may be asking, so what is this? Well sunshine, it is my personal online diary. Raw! That’s right, raw and uncut. I will be blogging about my thoughts and all the other crazy shit that go through my head. I’ll be talking about my beautiful gifted children whom everyone thinks are retards…I beg to differ of course.
Anywho welcome to my mommy blog, get comfortable, grab your wine or water with cheese and live my wonderful life with me! Feel free to leave your opnions because you know what they say about those… they are like assholes EVERYONE HAS ONE!




Want some more? Click here for Day 2



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