Day 2- The Loner


I know your probably saying “a loner?” How can you be alone? Yes I know, I have two children… there’s never a dull moment in my motherly life. Besides me having my children I am actually a bit of a loner and find myself lonely for the most part. I work from home so I am completely shut off from the typical 9-5, waking up getting dressed, putting on make up, you know the normal get ready for work routine outside world. Oh believe me I am not complaining. I love being able to work with nothing but pants and a bra on. 😏 Talk about luxury. 💁🏻

It gets lonely sometimes. You start missing a little bit of your old routine, well altleast I did. I say did because I no longer miss it. I actually have no problem with being alone. At the beginning of me becoming a single parent it was hard being by myself from a relationship stand point. But I’ve learned that being alone is probably the best thing I ever needed. It gave me the time to reflect on lessons and mistakes I learned and figure out my true worth and what it was I really wanted. Hopefully that leads me to better choices in the future.

I don’t really get out much unless we are talking about frequent trips to the grocery store or gas station. 😐 The weather has broke so now I can take the kids for different rendezvous during the day, that’s even if I have the damn energy to. Working from home comes with its consequences, especially because you’re working while the children are sleep. Well I am. I can’t speak for everyone.

Downside of being a loner you start to realize how you are there for everyone else on all levels but rarely no one is never there for you. That shit makes you feel real lonely…. just got annoyed. Signing off…



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