Day 3- Moldy Waffles



I think today was the first time in a long time I got more than one hour of sleep! You know the long periods of sleep where you are not disturbed for a strong 5 or 6 hours. The ones you wake up forgetting where you are because of that last dream. I feel so accomplished. Wait… let me stop lying. Just when I thought it was getting good I was awakened by my son normal morning temper tantrum. But this time he did it in a way he wanted to wake me up quietly and softly but gently banging hi bedroom door up against his table. It wasn’t the real abrupt bang though you know I felt his care in this bang. Like he was saying “Mom I don’t want to wake you up but see, I’m hungry so get that ass up” So I gathered my mind trying to hold on to the last bit of that amazing dream I was having and got up.

Then I remember falling back to sleep later that day then waking up to my bedroom being a total disaster. Why do I continue to fall asleep with my 3-year-old running around is beyond me? Why am I not surprised? I know you are asking yourself why did she even name this blog “MoldyWaffles” Simple…because that’s what we ate this morning,! Me being the sleepwalker that I am, I almost threw the box of waffles away thinking they were molded. When they were actually Blueberry waffles and I must say they were delicious.


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