Day 5-Birthday Blues


It seems like birthdays have not been my holiday lately. Something drastic seems to always happen. Either that or my luck is just the worst.

They say the truth always comes to light. And for me it always came to light around the holidays.

For my daughters birthday 🎉 I made her a cake and never sung happy birthday to her. I feel kinda beating up over it. I was so tired and exhausted I don’t even know how I managed to make the actual cake. I feel like I disappointed her, I know she is a baby she won’t remember but honestly I feel that she will. Us as human beings do not forget anything. We just have to go back and find it. So I thought about, maybe…. I should still sing her happy birthday you know… 5days later?! Will it even be the same? You know when people say happy belated birthday after being late telling the person and the other person says “it’s better late then never” is this my case?

Who knows… I do know one thing I’m tired of looking at that delicious ass cake sit there and get old. Maybe we will still sing happy birthday… I hate birthdays…


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2 thoughts on “Day 5-Birthday Blues

  1. Kids only know what u teach them she’s not thinking about you singing happy birthday or getting her gifts or anything like that she’s just living enjoying her life so far remember your gonna be the one who teaches her how to feel about a birthday other then that she doesn’t know so stop beating yourself up for something that doesn’t matter


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