Day 6- 15 minutes


I never really noticed the true length of fifth-teen minutes until I started working from home. I remember the expression “what would you do with fifth-teen minutes of fame?” Well it seems like honestly I wouldn’t do anything but be grateful for the 15 minute moment.
Nowadays our time is wasted on non important things we shouldn’t even give our energy too. We have to remember in that 15 minutes that is 15 minutes you will never get back. In my case when I get a 15 minute break from work. I have to feed both of my children dinner, change their diapers, remake their beds and put them to sleep. All in this 15 minute time frame. Sometimes barely making it. I have to have focus when doing this because if I don’t I will have wasted seconds towards something that don’t even need my attention. My focus right now is getting my children to sleep. That is the goal. If I spent a few seconds looking at my phone I am giving away wasted time. If I decide to read a page from a book that is wasted time.
The mural of this and what I am trying to get at is, stop wasting time on things that is not bringing you to your original goal because our time is limited. We do not have all the time in the word. Use your “15 minutes” to achieve that goal you haven’t been giving your full attention to. Focus! That is the key. I am still learning this, but I know my time is limited so I will push forward and be all I can be with the little time that I do have.


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