Rule #1 Face your Fears



It’s been sometime now, I hope you missed me and my rants, well I must say I missed writing to you. And most recently I came to the realization, that I have quite alot of fears, that I have not really let go of or faced. And now I know this is what is holding me back on my spiritual journey. It makes sense! It really do! I have a list of fears that I obviously need to crack down on. I guess I will take this one step at a time. Letting go fear is not easy. Especially when you are subconsciously programmed into that fear.


Lesson of the Day: LET GO OF ALL FEAR!



Bucket list:

21 Day Fear Challenge

Each day do something you are afraid of doing, rather it’s letting a old habit go or facing a fear you always had from childhood.

I’ve always been afraid of water. And I never understood why. I feel like it’s because when I was a baby I was drowned. No.. I’m serious like someone was trying to kill me. Then at times I feel, it could of been a past life. Like maybe I drowned during Atlantis? Hmmm Now that I think about it, I remember one time a long time ago, a medium once told me that I drowned in a past life. Specifically in a bath tub or someone killed me in a bath tub. Hmm interesting nonetheless.


So I do hope you join my 21 Day Fear Challenge with me, if you do please use hashtag #21DayFearChallenge on your social media.



Let’s chat again soon



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