The Fool


“It takes a fool, to learn, that love don’t love no one” -The Spinners

Welcome to the world of tragedy. Where we speak on things with no action. Where our faith is put into unknown hands. Where no one knows GOD. Where we face trials and tribulations with no lesson ever being learned.

I took sometime away from DOACAM because I felt my life started to finally come together. I created this blog to vent to the unknown while being unknown. Well look who’s back? Yup, me. 

So I’ve learned, that I am still crazy and loosing my shit more and more each day. I will say my patience has gotten much better as a result from taking a special vitamin that helps with Anxiety and Depression. But other then that it seems now that I have gathered this unfathomable patience towards my children, relationships, etc. But with that, I am being tested more than ever! I now understand when they say “New Level, New Devil” smh

No matter how much you believe you are in the right space something will happen to test your faith and that is when you will need something or someone to fallback on and give all the glory to it. Who have I fell back on you ask? Well this year I decided to give it all to GOD. We get so caught up in trying to fix things that we forget why we were made, why the HUE-MAN was even created and who created us. I would like for my Creator to take back control over my life because I cannot fix it with out him/ and or her.

So you may be wondering… what’s next then? Hell if I know. Maybe I’ll expose my identity and start promoting this blog so I can earn a living from it and then I could finally quit my job and travel the world with Thing 1 and Thing 2, all while doing what I love. Writing. Hmmmm.. sounds like I am on to something. What do you think?



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