The Enemy


“Look in the mirror, that’s your competition”

Sometimes we get so caught up in our struggles we forget about the enemy and how we actually got into the situation we are in. To be honest the only enemy we truly have is ourselves. Yeah, I know it sounds cheesy and cliche but it’s true.

Let’s think about it for a moment. When we are going through something, what are some of the things that go through our head? It might sound a little something like… “Ugh I’m such a screw up. This always happens to me. I never win! I can’t win. Why me? It’s always me. Nothing ever goes right.” You get the point right? These are perfect examples of not only negative thinking but you consciously and subconsciously putting yourself down and in a bad position. FAILURE.

I had to learn to slow down my thought process when I was put into uncomfortable situations. Rather it’s from my kids screaming at the tops of their lungs for everyone including jesus himself to hear, all while trying to work on the phones to help customers. (I work from home by the way for a rather BIG corporation) Or maybe from a stressful relationship where nothing ever seems to change but you continue to try to make it work.

I’ve learned to swallow my thoughts instead of keeping them in my forehead in literal terms. I literally take a deep breath, then take a huge gulp of whatever it is in my mouth, spit, juice, etc… you get the point. By doing this it actually makes me feel…better.

Don’t believe me? Try it yourself. Gulp as many times as you need, just make sure to include a big ass deep breath right before the gulp and then just swallow that shit. Swallow those thoughts and watch how fast you find conclusions and answers to the problem rather than soaking it in your thoughts and sorrows.

And if that doesn’t work… well shit I tried. I’m no therapist



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