Soggy Cereal

I’m convinced. Children are mind readers, and they purposely fuck with you to get their own kicks and giggles.

There’s never been a time when I was determined to do something (while the kids are around) and finished the task. Or I would finish the task but not to my satisfaction.

They’ll go an entire hour, quiet, playing peacefully in their room. Of course they are screaming every now and again their having fun I get that. But what I don’t get is how, when I finally realize that hmmm the kids are quiet…. I’m hungry….how about a bowl of cereal…all hell breaks loose!!

Let’s have a bowl. I grab me a bowl, pick a cereal and then I pour my almond milk. “This is going to be delicious” I think to myself, not realizing I should of toasted a bagel instead.

I grab me a glass of water and head to the couch. As soon as I sit down… this is no bullshit. As soon as my ass hits the cushion… “wahhnnnnnn, mommmyyy… ahhhhh mommmy…wahnnnnnn, bang bang bang, falls to the ground, throws feet in the air, wahnnnnn”

Welp there goes my damn cereal. 🙄


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