Oh that little circle of dispair. Am I the only person who wishes the processing page after completing an order had a cancel order option right underneath?

Often when I get into my funks or have an episode, I try to find things to do that makes me feel better and unfortunatley one of those things are browsing good ole Amazon OR broswing the grubHub selections.

Food and shopping are one of my therapies when it comes to having to deal with certin problems. Then once the order processes my worries are gone and then I realize..”DAMN, I didn’t need that right now”.

I say that to say this, let’s start finding other things we can process other then clearing out our bank accounts for things we really don’t need.

Let’s process things like a domain for your business you are thinking about, or process an upload you’ve been neglecting for your book. Lets process are thoughts before we start processing things that really may not matter at the moment.

I’ve made a small investment in myself after returning 1 of 2 tablets that my daughter used and I must say.. IT FELT GOOD! She didn’t even like the damn thing. She wanted to still use her brothers. SMH it’s okay I’ll take that 99.99 in put it into our future babygirl. And that’s what I did! And guess what? Mommy is feeling good!

For now anyway….


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